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Birthdate:May 6
Location:Vienna, Austria

Daughter of Adalind Schade and Nick Burkhardt. Grimm.

After losing (and failing to reclaim) Adalind's first child, the Royals decided that they didn't need that child so much as they needed a child. And honestly, Adalind's child with the Grimm could prove even more useful than her one with the bastard Prince. After all, why take a child that is part Hexenbeiste when you can have one that is part Grimm?

And not just one child, but two. For unbeknownst to Adalind, she was having twins. A girl (Alexandra) and a boy (Kelly). The children were taken almost immediately after birth, spirited away by a nurse in the employ of the families. Taken to Vienna, they were raised by the royal family and led to believe they were the children of the deceased Prince Eric. Now the royals had two Grimms in their possession; Grimms they could raise to be loyal to the family. And to carry out their will.

For seventeen years they have lived this way. Knowing nothing of their true parentage or how they're not really royals.

Of course, all it would take was one trip to Portland to change all that.

[Disclaimer: Everything contained in this journal is fake and for rping purposes only. Anything remotely recognizable belongs to NBC. Character is based on a theory I had mid Season 4 and loved too much to let go. Mun is 18+]
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